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Invent humane, responsible and effective technology

Tech is drowning in scandal. Password leaks, racism on digital marketplaces and fake news on social networks are all embarrassing examples of recent headlines. Creative technologists get carried away with what’s possible. Sadly they don’t concern themselves with what's right.

We don’t need more of that. We need technology that is inclusive, benevolent and respectful.

Work with us to solve meaningful problems with humane solutions.

Our team will lead you through problem definition, design workshops and challenging conversations around ethics. Whether inventing new products, innovating on new feature sets, or redesigning your existing experience the goal is to provide clear ethical product direction.

Product development teams tire of broad goals and slow release cycles. Our fun design workshops clearly redefine your customers’ problems injecting enthusiasm and a sense of purpose.

Walk away with tangible validated prototypes to impress investors and rejuvenate product development teams.

Our approach

We’ve adapted a series of methodologies to define the real problem and rapidly prototype humane solutions. Over days, not weeks.

  1. Design sprints give our working weeks structure. We ideate and validate in the same week. Walk away with a clear direction in mind. Design sprints bring together your domain experts and our ethical designers.
  2. Jobs-to-be-done theory is our platform for innovation. It frames meaningful problems from your customers’ perspective. Blowing minds for potential solutions.
  3. None of us know what the future holds. We’ve adapted Consequence Scanning and Ethical OS exercises to keep us mindful of the implications of our design.

Let's invent humane technology

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