Wholesome heart

Wholesome, a digital product studio making technology humane

The web, smartphone and social media each promised to improve our lives. Each brought distraction, anxiety and withdrawal. We still don't know how to live well with this new wave of technology.

Let's change that.

Our humane tech products


Thyself is your personal mental health homepage giving you the tools to master your mental health. Add Thyself to your browser in seconds to feel less stressed, less worried and more relaxed.


Awe is the nature connection app. Deeply connect with mother nature to reset, relax and regain perspective. Listen to our meditations to be more mindful in nature and cultivate awe.

Our vows

We’re not your usual technology studio. We’ve got a conscience.

Here are our vows…

  1. 1 Make technology that excites you
  2. 2 Give people agency, or make your values explicit
  3. 3 Human attention is precious, interfere with it respectfully, give it back readily
  4. 4 Avoid technologies causing harm to society or environment
  5. 5 No matter the customer, respect all humans implicated by your design

Work with us

We help startups build humane tech too. If you like what we stand for, let’s work together.

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Invent humane, responsible and effective technology
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Our projects & initiatives

We make our own humane technology and encourage others through our community events.

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