We make technology that’s good for your soul

> Our vows

  1. Make technology that excites you
  2. Give people agency, or make your values explicit
  3. Human attention is precious, interfere with it respectfully, give it back readily
  4. Avoid technologies causing harm to society or environment
  5. No matter the customer, respect all humans implicated by your design

> Archive

  1. The Digital Wellbeing Advent Calendar // Tips & tricks
  2. Awe // Connect with Mother Nature
  3. Humane Tech London // Community events discussing humane technology

> Work with us

We help companies empathise with their customers' problems, invent new products and validate innovative ideas. Our approach leans heavily on jobs to be done theory, deep customer interviews and design sprints. We train teams on these methods too.

We've worked with startup accelerators like Founders Factory, startups like Sanctus and enterprises like Omniplex.

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