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In 2018, the sad truth is that all the activity we do online is being watched. The terms we search for, the websites we access, the ads we click, the products we buy are all being watched.

All this generated data is being used against us so that we can be served more ads that we are more likely to click resulting in buying more products that we don’t need.

Humans have evolutionary flaws and the natural progression of this cycle is that these ads, driven by machine learning, end up taking advantage of those flaws.

The past versions of ourselves are very rarely the version of ourselves that we want to be. Current display advertising is based on our past (bad) habits, and not on our better future selves. They hold us back and limit our potential.

Our advertising network is different.

It’s a network that works for you, serving you advertising related to your intentions and goals – reminders of the person you want to be.

We’ll serve ads that are relevant and support you on your quest for betterment.

For example, imagine the highlight on your bucket list is to visit Rome in the next 6 months. We’ll show you advertising related to booking your trip to Rome (flights, hotels, car hire). But we’ll also show you complementary services such as Italian lessons to help you learn the language.

Relevant goal-oriented advertising helps you in 3 ways…

  • It directly helps you achieve your goal – ”Visit Rome”
  • It keeps you focussed on your longer goal
  • It removes potential distractions from your screen time that aren’t related to your goals

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