Your unique world, affected by your actions

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We all have the best intentions.

We know we must eat healthily, we must exercise regularly, we must not smoke, we must read, we must not drink too much, we must spend time with loved ones. We must... We must... We must...

In deciding how to live, we will choose which of these life advices to follow. And equally importantly, which we won’t. We have to live with those decisions.

We often feel disappointed when we aren’t living true to ourselves.

Cosm is your unique world. It evolves based on how you’re living in relation to your intentions.

If you decide you want to eat healthily, and your actions hold true to that, your world will flourish. It will become green and the population will increase. On the other hand, if you aren’t eating healthily then the population will encourage you to continue. But over time the world will become malnourished, the population will fall and the lands will turn brown.

If you decide you want to read regularly, and you do, then your population will become intelligent, they will develop new technologies and eventually populate other planets. If you don’t read regularly, then you population will stagnate, limited by their knowledge.

Cosm integrates with your existing applications (or a daily microsurvey) to monitor your day-to-day activities which feed into your world.

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