Bank With A Conscience

Set personal financial disincentives to keep you on track

Seeking support

We all have our vices. And we all know we can do better. In many cases, the fixes are easy. We just need some self-discipline, some willpower.

Want to stop smoking? Don’t buy cigarettes.
Have sleep problems? Avoid staying out late.
Trying to lose weight? Buy fewer processed foods high in sugar.

Most of our vices require financing. We pay to get our fix.

Our frictionless, contactless payments are making it easier for us to pay for our fixes. They are enabling us to live against our intentions.

But what if we didn’t have money instantly available to us when we need it – at the time we’re paying to get our fix. We’d have time to reconsider our actions.

Let’s add some friction to the checkout process for dishonest payments.

Let’s setup spending rules within our banking apps to block transactions for times when we don’t have the willpower to say no.

Want to stop smoking? Block all transactions for cigarettes.
Have sleep problems? Block transactions after a curfew.
Trying to lose weight? Add an artificial tax on all purchases of processed foods high in sugar (payable direct to an anti-charity).

Our experiments

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